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*points at ur bulge* is this seat taken

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Friend: If you had a superpower, which one would you choose?



Oh HELL yeah.

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Did Scotland get their independence?


attracted to men sexually, repelled by men emotionally

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we’ve taught girls to romanticise nearly everything a boy does. when i was younger i thought it was cute that boys chased the girl even after she said no. i loved it when after a girl moved away from a kiss, the guy would pull her back and force it on. i thought a guy saying ‘i won’t take a no for an answer’ was passionate and romantic. we’re literally always teaching girls to romanticise abusive traits.

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Uptown Girls (2003)

Molly Gunn

Part 3/3

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Today i was with a guys and my shoulders were showing AND he could see my bra strap but he didnt get a boner??? What did I do wrong?

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two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says “man, i can’t believe i blew thirty bucks in there”.

this literally took me forever to get

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I don’t think y’all know how golden this show is

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Anonymous said: If i could afford you, it would be a date within a heartbeat

That’s flattering, albeit unhelpful. 

Anyway I’ve just had a cancellation and I’m bored and horny, so does anyone wanna fuck me tonight? I’ll shower and douche beforehand.